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Wigs 'n' Wine so divine! Your personal Wig Consultant. Don't Go to a Beauty Supply to feel embarrassed when trying on a Wig ever again... SHOP HERE for the Best Quality Synthetic Wigs!

Events...We bring the Wigs... You bring the Guest.

$300 MINIMUM Party Purchase (most Human Hair Wigs Range Between $70 - $300) therefore It will not be difficult to get the minimum.  Synthetic Wigs range between $40 - $60.  You may also ask your guest to visit the site to preselect wigs.


Wigs 'n' Wine... so divine! Your personal Wig Consultant. Don't Go into a Beauty Supply ever again to purchase a wig... just to feel embarrassed when a guy walks in looking at you trying on a Wig (lol). Personal and Group Services!

Wigs n' Wine is a great Website for women all across the U.S who love Wigs N' Wine. Our Wigs are of the greatest quality and very fashionable. Also WigsnWine.com hosts Wigs 'n' Wine Socialite Events for those who love trying on Wigs while sipping on a glass of Wine! We also love participating in Special and Charitable Events. You can order wine though our wine subscription website... or request a wine tasting event.  Enjoy the website.... Orders will be shipped within 3 to 5 days.

Contact at:  wigsnwine@yahoo.com